Cryptium Labs 9月中国行首站活动招募

Cryptium Labs作为一个为 Tezos,Cøsmos 及Polkadot 等权益证明(POS)区块链提供服务的系统,Cryptium Labs(推特:@cryptiumlabs)提供安全且高度可用的数字签名。 除了作为验证者和为社区希望使用的PoS区块链提供支持之外,Cryptium Labs还致力于为每个人提供有关共识,安全性和硬件的教育内容。 Cryptium Labs的总部位于瑞士,由@adrianbrink,@ awasunyin和@cwgoes共同创立。

Adrian Brink(联合创始人)


Awa Sun Yin (联合创始人)


Christopher Goes(联合创始人)

担任Cosmos的研究员和开发人员,专注于Cosmos Hub铆接和削减模型以及Cosmos的区块链间通信(IBC)协议。他还研究依赖型系统,智能合约语言设计,加密经济博弈论和去中心化交易协议。 他曾从事天文学领域的研究工作,并带领过康奈尔大学的自治水下航行器世界冠军机器人团队。


9月14日 13:30—18:00


13:30—14:45 演讲与展示

15:15—17:40 研讨会




Cryptium Labs (Twitter: @cryptiumlabs) offers secure and highly available digital signatures as a service for Proof-of-Stake blockchains such as Tezos, Cøsmos or Polkadot. Besides being a validator and supporting PoS blockchains that the community wishes to use, we are committed to make educational content on consensus, security, and hardware accessible for everyone. Cryptium Labs is based in Switzerland and has been co-founded by @adrianbrink, @awasunyin, and @cwgoes.

AdrianBrink (co-founder)

His background lies in both Computer Science as well as Business. He currently works on making blockchains scalable and interoperable, as an engineer, researcher as well a connection builder at Cosmos. His main interests are cross-chain communication and BFT consensus systems. Lately, with the rise of many PoS networks, HSMs have become of his main areas of interest.

AwaSun Yin (co-founder)

Worked as a data scientist and software engineer at Chainalysis, a researcher at Cosmos, and a technical grant manager at the Ethereum Community Fund. The areas of research she focuses on are blockchain technology, applied cryptography for privacy and scalability of consensus algorithms, security in distributed and decentralised systems, and hardware,specifically hardware security modules (HSMs).

ChristopherGoes (co-founder)

Works as a researcher and developer at Cosmos,focusing on the Cosmos Hub staking and slashing models and the Cosmosinter-blockchain communication protocol. He also researches dependent type systems, smart contract language design, cryptoeconomic game theory, and decentralised exchange protocols. He previously worked in research astronomyand led the Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle world-champion robotics team.


September 14th 13:30—18:00

The Flow of Event

13:30—14:45 Presentation Structure

15:15—17:40 Workshop Structure


2/F, No.1, Liuquan Lane, Hhuangpu District, Shanghai

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