发表在 Nat Methods. 2015 May;的文章,至今(2019-10-14)引用已经近1000啦,提出了一个非负矩阵分解的算法CIBERSORT根据LM22来计算不同类型细胞的比例。

CIBERSORT should enable large-scale analysis of RNA mixtures for cellular biomarkers and therapeutic targets (

数据在Supplementary Table 1

Leukocyte signature matrix (LM22). Details of LM22, including gene expression matrix and source data.


文章是这样描述的:It contains 547 genes that distinguish 22 human hematopoietic cell phenotypes, including seven T cell types, naïve and memory B cells, plasma cells, NK cells, and myeloid subsets (Supplementary Table 1, Supplementary Fig. 2, and Online Methods).






癌症类型    题目  URL
ACC    NA  
BLCA    Tumor-infiltrating M2 macrophages driven by specific genomic alterations are associated with prognosis in bladder cancer
BRCA    Relevance of Tumor-Infiltrating Immune Cell Composition and Functionality for Disease Outcome in Breast Cancer
CESC    NA  
CHOL    NA  
COAD    Immune cell infiltration as a biomarker for the diagnosis and prognosis of stage I–III colon cancer
ESCA    Paired whole exome and transcriptome analyses for the Immunogenomic changes during concurrent chemoradiotherapy in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
GBM    Metabolic remodeling contributes towards an immune-suppressive phenotype in glioblastoma
HNSC    Sex Differences in Using Systemic Inflammatory Markers to Prognosticate Patients with Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
KIRC    Immune infiltration in renal cell carcinoma
KIRP    Immune infiltration in renal cell carcinoma
LGG    NA  
LIHC    Identification and Validation of Tumor Stromal Immunotype in Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma
LUAD    Prognostic Implications of Heterogeneity in Intra-tumoral Immune Composition for Recurrence in Early Stage Lung Cancer
LUSC    The prognostic landscape of tumor-infiltrating immune cell and immunomodulators in lung cancer
MESO    NA  
PCPG    NA  
PRAD    The establishment of immune infiltration based novel recurrence predicting nomogram in prostate cancer
SKCM    Association of LRP1B Mutation With Tumor Mutation Burden and Outcomes in Melanoma and Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Treated With Immune Check-Point Blockades
STAD    Gene expression profiles for a prognostic immunoscore in gastric cancer
TGCT    NA  
THCA    Papillary thyroid carcinoma behavior: clues in the tumor microenvironment
UCEC    NA  
肝细胞癌    Tumor-Infiltrating Leukocyte Composition and Prognostic Power in Hepatitis B- and Hepatitis C-Related Hepatocellular Carcinomas



  • 28个免疫基因集把CRC区分成为有生存差异的两类
  • TCIA的28免疫细胞比例

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