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01 概述 | Overview

SpaceQQ 和 PUPU 是在QQ20周年一起亮相的,我们计划做一个简短的动画剧集向用户展示他们的关系与故事。动画被做成20秒左右以适应手机等智能设备,我们试着将暗指了角色特征的有趣故事包含在这短短的时间里。

SpaceQQ and PUPU appeared together through the QQ 20th anniversary event. We planned a short animation series to show the user about the relationship and story of these two characters can make together. This animation series were designed in about 20 seconds to suit smart devices and we tried to contain interesting stories that implied the characteristics of characters in this short duration.

02 设定和构思丨Setup & Ideation


在为第一集的Space QQ 和 PUPU 做构思时,我们想起了小时候将一颗又一颗硬币投进游戏机里玩游戏的记忆。基于这些记忆,我们用上世纪80年代和90年代的街机图像设计了第一集。在制作太空场景时,我们参考了"Tengai" 和"Megaman"等侧滚游戏,并以复古街机游戏机为主要对象设计了后半部分的场景。

While doing the ideation for this 1st episode of spaceQQ & PUPU, we thought about the memories of the childhood, putting coins in the game machine one by one to win the game. Based on the old memories we have, this episode was designed using images of arcade games in the 1980s and 1990s. When making the space scene, we have referred to side-scrolling games such as "Tengai" and "Megaman" and used the retro arcade game console as a main object to design the second half scene.


20秒的动画时间并不长。尽管如此,为了统一故事的基调以及保持视频的完整性,像四格漫画一样,我们创建了开端、 发展 、高潮 、结束四个结构。而最后一个场景不仅仅展示logo,还在logo的下方添加了简单的动画。这样的结构可以填补故事的不足,再次显示的主题也提高了故事的完整性。未来,这个系列的所有故事都可以按照这个结构来制作。

20 seconds in animation is not a long time to show something. Nevertheless, in order to unify the tone of all stories and to strengthen the completeness of the video, I have made four steps in the video structure just like a 4-cut comic : introduction, development, turn, conclusion. And in the last scene, it did not just show the logo but add simple animation below the logo like an epilogue of the video. This kind of structure can fill the shortage of the story and shows the subject once more to improve the completeness. And in the future, all the stories of this series can be made following this structure.



Before making the animation, the character's characteristics were redefined again. These characteristics were included in the story so that the people who watch this video could naturally get familiar to the characters.

03 分镜 丨Storyboard

分镜是按照事先设置好的结构与概念制作的。故事被分成两个部分:太空场景和街机场景,两个场景之间有一个使这个短视频变得有趣和好玩的转变。视频以QQ在logo下面不断挑战赢得游戏的场景结束,突出”Never Give Up"的主题。

The storyboard was made following the structure and concept which had made in advance. The story is divided into two parts: the space scene and the arcade scene. And there is a turnaround between these two scenes which makes this short video fun. In the end of the video, epilogue scene is showed below the logo which QQ continuously challenge to win the game, making the theme of ”Never Give Up" stand out.

04 角色设计 丨Character Design

Space QQ和PUPU最开始是被做成玩具的形式,为了能在视频中使用他们,我们需要优化一下形状。我们用处理多边形和简化细节的方式进行了优化。

The Space QQ and Space PUPU were first designed to make toys to we needed to optimize the shapes in order to make an animation. We optimized the characters by organizing the polygons and simplifying some details of the shape.

我们也需要在视频里设计一个扮演反派的角色。通过联想经常出现在游戏和电影中的疯狂科学家“天启”,我们把它设计了出来。视频里,这些反派企鹅驾驶具有威胁性的武器攻击QQ和PUPU。为了与Space QQ 有所区分,它被设计成深灰色,这样可以和Space QQ 形成鲜明的对比。我们还使用紫色来点缀。

We also needed to design a new character for the villain role in the video. I have designed the villain thinking of the mad scientist character of apocalypse which often appears in video games or movies. In the video, these villain penguins ride on the threatening machines to attack QQ and PUPU. In order to distinguish them from spaceQQ, it was designed in a dark gray color so their color can have contrasts with spaceQQ and we have used purple as a point color.

05 动画 丨Animation

在制作太空战斗场景时,我们尝试使它看起来像是游戏中的一个场景。为了让它看起来像视频游戏,和侧滚游戏一样,我们限制了摄像机的移动,并且所有效果都在后期制作中使用2d FX footages完成。

When we made the space battle scene, we tried to make it look like a scene in a video game. In order to make it look like a video game, the camera movement was limited like a side scroll game and all the effect was made using 2d FX footages in the post production.

06 最终输出 丨Final Output


Animation is one of the most effective way to imprint a character on people’s mind. By making the character move as it is alive and making it feel like an emotional creature, it makes it easier for people to feel interest and affection to the character. In this 1st episode, we have shown the first story of QQ and PUPU meet and interact with each other. And we are planning to keep share the interesting stories of QQ and PUPU following this episode. We hope that through these video series, our two lovely penguins will become a characters that people can remember for a long time.

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