Python 快速教程来中国吗?

Long time I didn't post an article. I deeply apologise to all my passionated and dedicated readers, lately I've been diving into HSK, SAT, IELTS studies combined with hard working at my daily job it's not an easy task. I'll try to improve and write at least once a week.


Speedrun™was a workshop I invented 3 years ago In Israel while having a dinner with some friends.

I asked them a simple question:



"Why there is no a simple, free, quick and easy way to learn non-theoretical useful things?"


as we couldn't find an answer ... I asked myself:


"Why not make one by ourselves?"


So then we, 3 high school boys, sit days and nights working on the workshop that will be able to teach anyone (yes yes, anyone!) a topic from zero to hero at no time.


We raised investment from several companies to make it happen, including: Google that gave us a space, office, drinks and snacks and Matrix (Cyber Security Company) that gave us name tags, t-shirts and Pizzas!


the workshop was intense. during 6 hours x2 (2 days) I've been teaching over 120 people about cyber security, how to secure apps and websites and more from zero to advanced. I was shocked that it worked. even people with no background were able to learn at no time.


The workshop was reviewed on multiple social networks including Google campus Facebook page and Matrix official website.


Now I want to bringSpeedrun Pythonto Shenzhen China for the very first time, and for that - I need your help!

现在我想在短时间内介绍Speedrun Python来深圳,中国。为此,我需要你的帮忙!

Python is a very popular coding language that gets more and more attention within the Chinese people and global community as one. Python is both easy and powerful and learning it might open you a new door at life which could help you build better learning and working skills.


Id like to know how many people willing to participate, give 6 hours of their day for an incredible, fascinating and great experience to learn something new, practice existing skills and even make some new friends.


The key of success for giving any workshop is the people.

I fully believe my readers are top quality people and that's why I'm asking your opinion, would you like to learn Python? if yes, why? Would you like to attend to an event such asSpeedrun Python workshop?


我非常相信我的读者们都是非一般的人,这也是我为什么咨询你们的意见,你会非常诚心的去学习Python?如果会,为什么?你会诚心的去参加一个活动,就像Speedrun Python 这样的workshop吗?

let me know in the comments below or by private message to the page!


Many thanks for my friend @Junshu for the Chinese translation, follow him for cool articles related to video shooting, stories and life in Shenzhen!


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