Artificial intelligence making phone call without you!能代你分手的AI来了


A police officer in Nanjing recently found a lost Apple smartphone on the street in front of a school and successfully located the careless owner by asking Siri, Apple's smart voice assistant, to call a teacher on the contact list. Like it or not, artificial intelligence, or AI, has gradually infiltrated our lives.

The recent Google I/O developer conference revealed even more amazingly new features of Google Assistant and the new system Android P, which refreshed many people's understanding of how AI can facilitate life.

1. Make human-sounding phone calls on your behalf

"Hey, Google. Make an appointment for me between 10 to noon at the hair salon."

You may ask Google Assistant to make an appointment at the hair salon for you or order a takeout from a restaurant. With six voices for users to choose from, the assistant can talk naturally and seamlessly on the phone, even making sounds like "uh-huh" so real that people on the other side of the phone could hardly tell who they are talking to.

2. Learn your language habits and predict what you may want to say

3. Classify and colorize photos and recognize friends

Google picture can automatically identify and classify photos, add light to them if they are too dark, and can even recognize your friends on the photos and make sharing easier.

Colorize photos

Recognize friends

4. Google Map points the way like a companion

With the new function of camera-assisted navigation, Google Map can point out the exact directions for users with a poor sense of direction. It can even generate an animal to guide your way.

It also tailors services to users' interests and needs with functions like "For You" and "Your Match."

5. Android P: Adaptive Battery to help save power

People frequently become agitated when their smart phones' batteries run out. To optimize the use of the batteries, Google's new generation of Android, Android P, has rolled out 'Adaptive Battery,' which monitors battery consumption, draws power to applications people are actively using, and automatically adjusts screen brightness according to users' habits, to save power for them. Moving forward in machine learning, the system will study users' behaviors and predict their next moves; for example, which application they are going to open next.

The system has another feature — App Standby Buckets — that also classifies apps based on how often users open them, limits the access of rarely used applications to system resources, and keeps battery consumption at a minimum.

6. Search for the product based on photos

If some random girl on the street is wearing a dress you are really fond of, just turn on your camera and focus the lens on the dress, Google Assistant will recognize it and find the dress from online stores for you.

7. What do you think?

Let's see how people online think of the amazing AI.

Epilogue-: "Hello Google. Please schedule a break up with my girlfriend next week after her birthday. Be gentle. Thanks."

Fish: "You have a message from Google Assistant: 'Has talked to 100 girls on your behalf today. Five of them want to go out with you. Which one do you want to date?'"

Liu: "It would be perfect if AI can quarrel with people on my behalf or apologies for me."

Stevensen: "If I am not told, I couldn't tell from the voice that it's from an AI."

Zero: "Could it be possible that a few years later, sales calls are all made by AI? But there's also no telling who is picking up."

Leo: "With this, students can ask AI to call teachers and discuss their mischief at school on behalf of parents."

Can you imagine what AI is capable of in the future? Does it feel creepy or convenient to you? And what do you expect AI to help you with? Share your opinions with us by commenting below.

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