Todd:Alexandra, you were saying that you can cook Cuban food.

Alexandra:Yes, yes. It's very good stuff, and I've got one recipe that comes to mind that has to do with chicken and rice. You can take several pieces of chicken and boil them in water with some salt until the chicken is cooked. You take out the pieces and with a couple of forks, shred the meat. In a pan, you put garlic, onions, olive oil, and tomatoes. Fry that up. Put the chicken on top and then put a puree of tomatoes on top of that and just saute that for a while and you can put it over white rice and you'll have yourself a nice meal

Todd:Wow, that sounds pretty good.

Alexandra:Yeah, it's very good, and for change, you can always add green peppers, red peppers and make it very colorful, and serve it with some white plantains and a little Cuban drink and you are good to go.

Todd:Alright, thanks. I'm gonna give that a try.



puree 菜泥

saute 炒香

cuban 古巴

pepper 辣椒


comes to mind 浮现在脑海中

e.g: What comes to mind when you think of our vacation to Florida?

When I think of driving long distances, the memory of our trip to Canada always comes to mind.

shred 撕碎

e.g: You need to shred all the important documents after you read them.

The recipe said two cups of shredded chicken.


小程序=Mininum Program

Google has released its first mini program for WeChat in China. It is a drawing game based on Google's AI image recognition technology


第三方应用商店 third-party app store

计算机插画艺术家 computer sketch artist

快捷图标 short-cut icon

消息推送 push notifications


1) What do you do first?

a) Boil the chicken

b) Fry the chicken

c) Shred the meat

2) What do you put in the boiling water?

a) Chicken

b) Salt

c) Both

3) What do you use to shred the meat?

a) Shredder

b) Your hands

c) Fork

4) What can make it colorful?

a) Peppers

b) Berries

c) Mint leaves

5) What can you serve it with?

a) Plantains

b) Cuban drink

c) Both



I can be there in 20 minutes




1. a ; 2. c ; 3. c ;4. a ;5. c

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