Attention is all you need新翻译架构的测试

翻译的进展真是很快,如近日,谷歌再次宣布又在机器翻译上更进了一步,实现了完全基于 attention 的 Transformer 机器翻译网络架构。这篇文章的模型完全是在编码--解码程序基础上加上Attention机制。


核心还是在于里面的Attention机制,它主要用来解决翻译过程中的长距离依赖的问题,整个模型架构中其实现的机制主要是multi-head attention这个结构。


def multihead_attention(queries, 
    '''Applies multihead attention.
      queries: A 3d tensor with shape of [N, T_q, C_q].
      keys: A 3d tensor with shape of [N, T_k, C_k].
      num_units: A scalar. Attention size.
      dropout_rate: A floating point number.
      is_training: Boolean. Controller of mechanism for dropout.
      causality: Boolean. If true, units that reference the future are masked. 
      num_heads: An int. Number of heads.
      scope: Optional scope for `variable_scope`.
      reuse: Boolean, whether to reuse the weights of a previous layer
        by the same name.
      A 3d tensor with shape of (N, T_q, C)  
    with tf.variable_scope(scope, reuse=reuse):
        # Set the fall back option for num_units
        if num_units is None:
            num_units = queries.get_shape().as_list[-1]
        # Linear projections
        Q = tf.layers.dense(queries, num_units, activation=tf.nn.relu) # (N, T_q, C)
        K = tf.layers.dense(keys, num_units, activation=tf.nn.relu) # (N, T_k, C)
        V = tf.layers.dense(keys, num_units, activation=tf.nn.relu) # (N, T_k, C)
        # Split and concat
        Q_ = tf.concat(tf.split(Q, num_heads, axis=2), axis=0) # (h*N, T_q, C/h) 
        K_ = tf.concat(tf.split(K, num_heads, axis=2), axis=0) # (h*N, T_k, C/h) 
        V_ = tf.concat(tf.split(V, num_heads, axis=2), axis=0) # (h*N, T_k, C/h) 

        # Multiplication
        outputs = tf.matmul(Q_, tf.transpose(K_, [0, 2, 1])) # (h*N, T_q, T_k)
        # Scale
        outputs = outputs / (K_.get_shape().as_list()[-1] ** 0.5)
        # Key Masking
        key_masks = tf.sign(tf.abs(tf.reduce_sum(keys, axis=-1))) # (N, T_k)
        key_masks = tf.tile(key_masks, [num_heads, 1]) # (h*N, T_k)
        key_masks = tf.tile(tf.expand_dims(key_masks, 1), [1, tf.shape(queries)[1], 1]) # (h*N, T_q, T_k)
        paddings = tf.ones_like(outputs)*(-2**32+1)
        outputs = tf.where(tf.equal(key_masks, 0), paddings, outputs) # (h*N, T_q, T_k)
        # Causality = Future blinding
        if causality:
            diag_vals = tf.ones_like(outputs[0, :, :]) # (T_q, T_k)
            tril = tf.contrib.linalg.LinearOperatorTriL(diag_vals).to_dense() # (T_q, T_k)
            masks = tf.tile(tf.expand_dims(tril, 0), [tf.shape(outputs)[0], 1, 1]) # (h*N, T_q, T_k)
            paddings = tf.ones_like(masks)*(-2**32+1)
            outputs = tf.where(tf.equal(masks, 0), paddings, outputs) # (h*N, T_q, T_k)
        # Activation
        outputs = tf.nn.softmax(outputs) # (h*N, T_q, T_k)
        # Query Masking
        query_masks = tf.sign(tf.abs(tf.reduce_sum(queries, axis=-1))) # (N, T_q)
        query_masks = tf.tile(query_masks, [num_heads, 1]) # (h*N, T_q)
        query_masks = tf.tile(tf.expand_dims(query_masks, -1), [1, 1, tf.shape(keys)[1]]) # (h*N, T_q, T_k)
        outputs *= query_masks # broadcasting. (N, T_q, C)
        # Dropouts
        outputs = tf.layers.dropout(outputs, rate=dropout_rate, training=tf.convert_to_tensor(is_training))
        # Weighted sum
        outputs = tf.matmul(outputs, V_) # ( h*N, T_q, C/h)
        # Restore shape
        outputs = tf.concat(tf.split(outputs, num_heads, axis=0), axis=2 ) # (N, T_q, C)
        # Residual connection
        outputs += queries
        # Normalize
        outputs = normalize(outputs) # (N, T_q, C)
    return outputs




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source: Danach geht es um die Kombination der verschiedenen Bilder - expected: Then it's about combining the different photographs - got: After all these <UNK> are about different images - source: Und hier ist jedes Stück sehr gut geplant - expected: And here every piece is very well planned - got: And here every piece it has been very well - source: Vielen Dank - expected: Thank you - got: Thank you - source: Wie können wir euch helfen - expected: How could we help you - got: How can we help you - source: Sie hat einen Knopf AnAus - expected: It's got one knob onoff - got: It has a button <UNK> - source: Und jeden Morgen springe ich darauf - expected: And every morning I hop on it - got: And everyone is I <UNK> in on it - source: Ich habe meine Aufgabe bei  kg angesetzt - expected: And I put my challenge on  kg - got: I have with my job pounds - source: Es gibt aber noch etwas - expected: But there's another thing - got: But there's something else - source: Ab nächster Woche kommt das auf den Markt - expected: As of next week it will soon be available - got: And when <UNK> comes the week that comes down - source: Wir haben alle Navigationssysteme in unseren Autos - expected: We've all got navigation controls in our car - got: We've got all these cars off in our cars - source: Vielleicht sogar in unseren Handys - expected: We maybe even have it in our cellphone - got: We may have a <UNK> in our cell - source: Und klar wir können FastfoodKetten finden - expected: And sure we could find fast food chains - got: And clearly we can find <UNK> - source: Wir haben herumgefragt und niemand wusste es - expected: We asked around and nobody knew - got: We have <UNK> and nobody knew - source: Und wir haben eine iPadApp gestaltet - expected: And we built an iPad application - got: And we created a <UNK> designed in it - source: Vielen Dank - expected: Thank you - got: Thank you - source: Heute werde ich von unerwarteten Entdeckungen berichten - expected: Today I'm going to talk about unexpected discoveries - got: Today I will be stuck by discoveries - source: Ich arbeite in der SolartechnologieBranche - expected: Now I work in the solar technology industry - got: I work in the <UNK> - source: es dem Crowdsourcing Beachtung schenkt - expected: paying attention to crowdsourcing - got: It was called the <UNK> <UNK> - source: Oh Einen Moment - expected: Huh Hang on a moment - got: Oh A moment - source: Es dauert vielleicht bis es geladen ist - expected: It might take a moment to load - got: It may be until it's got a <UNK> - source: Nein - expected: No - got: No - source: Das ist nicht - expected: This is not - got: That's not - source: Okay - expected: Okay - got: Okay - source: Solartechnologie ist - expected: Solar technology is - got: <UNK> is - source: Oh meine Zeit ist schon vorbei - expected: Oh that's all my time - got: Oh my time is over - source: Okay Vielen Dank - expected: Okay Thank you very much - got: Okay Thank you very much - source: Also treffen Sie Al - expected: So meet Al - got: So meet Al - source: Also gibt es eine nette kleine Spieldynamik - expected: So it's got cute little game dynamics on it - got: So there's a nice little bit of <UNK> - source: Dies ist eine bescheidene kleine App - expected: This is a modest little app - got: This is a small <UNK> built - source: Sie breitet sich rasant aus - expected: It's spreading virally - got: They <UNK> out of <UNK> - source: So bekam er die Bürger dazu sie zu überprüfen - expected: So he's getting citizens to check on them - got: So he got the people to test them - source: Und sie hat sich reibungslos verbreitet organisch natürlich - expected: And this has spread just frictionlessly organically naturally - got: And so she took place to <UNK> <UNK> - source: Und das ist noch gar nichts - expected: And that's nothing - got: And this is still nothing - source: Und das ist wichtig - expected: And that's important - got: And this is important - source: Sie haben die Regierung nicht aufgegeben - expected: They haven't given up on government - got: They haven't given up the government - source: Scott bekommt also diesen Anfruf - expected: So Scott gets this call - got: So We'll get this <UNK> - source: Er tippt Beutelratte in die offizielle Datenbank - expected: He types Opossum into this official knowledge base - got: He <UNK> out the weird in the experiment - source: Und das funktionierte Applaus für Scott - expected: So that worked So booya for Scott - got: And that worked for the screen - source: Aber das war nicht das Ende der Beutelratten - expected: But that wasn't the end of the opossums - got: But that was not the end of the <UNK> - source: Boston hat nicht nur ein CallCenter - expected: Boston doesn't just have a call center - got: <UNK> not just a bad one - source: Wir haben diese App nicht geschrieben - expected: Now we didn't write this app - got: We didn't make this an interesting story - source: Wie bekomme ich sie entfernt - expected: How do I get this removed - got: How do I get them away - source: Aber was mit Citizens Connect passiert ist anders - expected: But what happens with Citizens Connect is different - got: But what about <UNK> <UNK> is different - source: Scott unterhielt sich von Mensch zu Mensch - expected: So Scott was speaking persontoperson - got: look <UNK> of human beings - source: Und in diesem Fall sah es ein Nachbar - expected: And in this case a neighbor saw it - got: And in this case they saw a <UNK> - source: Beutelratte Ja Lebendig Yap - expected: Opossum Check Living Yep - got: <UNK> Yes my lady - source: Drehte die Mülltonne auf die Seite Ging nach Hause - expected: Turned trashcan on its side Walked home - got: The most difficult side actually turn the <UNK> home - source: Gute Nacht süße Beutelratte - expected: Goodnight sweet opossum - got: Good night <UNK> <UNK> - source: Ziemlich einfach - expected: Pretty simple - got: Pretty simple - source: Sie verband diese beiden Menschen - expected: It connected those two people - got: They leave them those guys were <UNK> - source: Und wir benutzen dieses Wort mit solcher Verachtung - expected: And we say that word with such contempt - got: And we use that word with such a <UNK> - source: Die Leute scheinen zu denken Politik ist sexy - expected: People seem to think politics is sexy - got: People seem to be sexy politics is sexy - source: Weil das ist wo die eigentliche Regierungsarbeit stattfindet - expected: Because that's where the real work of government happens - got: Because that is where the <UNK> is real - source: Wir müssen uns auf die Maschinerie der Regierung einlassen - expected: We have to engage with the machinery of government - got: We've got to <UNK> the government - source: Also die OccupytheSECBewegung hat es getan - expected: So that's OccupytheSEC movement has done - got: So the <UNK> did it - source: Habt ihr diese Jungs gesehen - expected: Have you seen these guys - got: I don't know you've seen those guys - source: Sie benutzen ihre Hände - expected: They're using their hands - got: They use their hands - source: Wir sind mehr als das wir sind Bürger - expected: We're more than that we're citizens - got: We're more than that we're the citizens - source: Danke - expected: Thank you - got: Thank you - source: Etwas sehr Merkwürdiges passiert hier - expected: Something really weird is going on here - got: Something very odd happens here - source: Also wenn du bitte das Licht wieder anmachen könntest - expected: So if you could bring up the lights - got: So if you could have the lights again - source: Die sehen dann so aus - expected: They sort of go like this - got: The look at this - source: Und das sagt uns nicht viel - expected: And they don't tell us much - got: And this doesn't say a lot - source: Aber das geht nicht so schnell - expected: It's not moving like that - got: But it's not quite fast - source: Es gibt zwei Möglichkeiten - expected: One of two things is going to happen - got: Well there's two options - source: Das ist es in etwa - expected: That's about all it can do - got: That's about - source: Weiter als das gehen wir nicht - expected: It's about as far as we go out - got: We're not going to go than that - source: Der Übergang geschieht Wir können es alle fühlen - expected: That transition is happening We can all sense it - got: The transition is what we can feel all of - source: Somit war jedes Tröpfchen ein wenig anders - expected: And so every drop was a little bit different - got: So each was a little different - source: Was ist also der nächste Schritt - expected: So what was the next step - got: So what to do next - source: Das Niederschreiben der DNA war ein interessanter Schritt - expected: Writing down the DNA was an interesting step - got: The DNA of the DNA was an interesting step - source: Die Zellengemeinschaften begannen wieder Informationen zu abstrahieren - expected: These communities of cells again began to abstract information - got: The <UNK> started to <UNK> information again - source: Und dies sind die neuralen Strukturen - expected: And those are the neural structures - got: And those are the <UNK> structures - source: Dies gab ihnen einen evolutionären Vorteil - expected: And that gave them an evolutionary advantage - got: Now these were an experience of an advantage - source: Sie konnte innerhalb eines zeitlichen Lernrahmens stattfinden - expected: It could happen in learning time scales - got: It could be something like a <UNK> <UNK> - source: Es hat Milliarden von denen - expected: There are billions of them - got: It has billion of them - source: Speichere diese ab lösche den Rest - expected: Save those Kill off the rest - got: Does this different <UNK> off the rest of it - source: Sag Bitte wiederhole diesen Prozess - expected: Say Please repeat that process - got: Tell a process your process - source: Bewerte sie wieder - expected: Score them again - got: Give them another hand - source: Führe vielleicht einige Mutationen ein - expected: Introduce some mutations perhaps - got: <UNK> Maybe a few people - source: Es sind verworrene und merkwürdige Programme - expected: They're obscure weird programs - got: It's <UNK> and hard to write science - source: Aber sie erledigen den Job - expected: But they do the job - got: But they do do it as a job - source: Gewissermassen überflügelt uns die Technik also - expected: So in a sense it's getting ahead of us - got: So <UNK> does technology want to bring us - source: Es entsteht also eine Rückkopplung - expected: So it's feeding back on itself - got: So it will be a <UNK> - source: Wir heben ab - expected: We're taking off - got: We raise <UNK> - source: Wir sind mitten in diesem Übergangpunkt - expected: We're right at that point of transition - got: We're right now at this <UNK> - source: Jetzt machen wir das mit Flugzeugen - expected: Now we do the same with airplanes - got: Now we're going to do the an airplane - source: Jetzt machen wir das mit Bohrern und Maschinen - expected: Now we do the same with drills and machines - got: Now we're doing it with machines and <UNK> machines - source: Das machte mich wirklich traurig - expected: And this made me really sad - got: It was really sad - source: Sie hielten uns davon ab inspiriert zu werden - expected: They stopped us from being inspired - got: They were inspired by us by inspired - source: Mit  begann ich Bücher zu illustrieren - expected: I've been illustrating books since I was - got: With I started to <UNK> books - source: Es kann wissen wie wir es halten - expected: It can know how we're holding it - got: It can know how we hold it - source: Es kann wissen wo wir sind - expected: It can know where we are - got: It can know where we are - source: Das Geschichtenerzählen gebraucht immer mehr Sinne - expected: Storytelling is becoming more and more multisensorial - got: The one always needed more senses - source: Aber was machen wir damit - expected: But what are we doing with it - got: But what are we going to do with this - source: Hier steht Leg deine Finger auf jedes Licht - expected: So it says Place your fingers upon each light - got: This says <UNK> your finger every light - source: Und aus mir wird eine Figur in dem Buch - expected: And actually I become a character in the book - got: And I am <UNK> myself in the book - source: Ich habe viel über Magie gesprochen - expected: Now I've been talking a lot about magic - got: I've talked a lot about magic - source: Und dies öffnet eine Karte - expected: And it opens up a map - got: And this is what a map of the map - source: Ich gehe hier rein - expected: So I'm just going to enter in - got: I'm going to be <UNK> here - source: Dies hier sind die Apsaras - expected: Over here these are the Apsaras - got: These are the <UNK> - source: Irgendwie machen das Kinder nicht mehr - expected: And somehow kids don't do that anymore - got: And somehow it doesn't do that way anymore - source: Wir nutzen die Energie der Sonne - expected: We're harnessing energy from the sun - got: We use energy of the sun - source: Vielen Dank - expected: Thank you - got: Thank you - source: Dies ist wirklich eine außerordentliche Ehre für mich - expected: Well this is a really extraordinary honor for me - got: It's a really honor to me with the honor - source: Wir haben einige fantastische Präsentationen gesehen - expected: And we've had some fantastic presentations - got: We've seen some fantastic job - source: Ich habe das von meiner Großmutter gelernt - expected: I actually learned about this from my grandmother - got: I learned my <UNK> - source: Sie war eine taffe starke Frau sie hatte Wirkung - expected: She was tough she was strong she was powerful - got: She had been a <UNK> strong woman with it - source: Meine Mutter war das jüngste ihrer zehn Kinder - expected: My mom was the youngest of her  kids - got: My mother was the quality of her children - source: Meine Cousins liefen überall herum - expected: My cousins would be running around everywhere - got: My <UNK> ran all over the way - source: Ich werde es nie vergessen - expected: I never will forget it - got: I will never forget - source: Ich sagte Versprochen Oma - expected: I said Okay Mama - got: I said <UNK> business - source: Sie sagte Ich glaube du bist etwas Besonderes - expected: And she said I think you're special - got: She said I think you're really special - source: Ich werde das nie vergessen - expected: I will never forget it - got: I will never forget that - source: Ich sagte OK Oma - expected: I said Okay Mama - got: I said OK so - source: Mein Bruder starrte mich an - expected: And then my brother started staring at me - got: My brother <UNK> me - source: Ich sagte Worüber redest du - expected: I said Well what are you talking about - got: I said What do you mean about - source: Ich war am Boden zerstört - expected: I was devastated - got: And I was destroyed the ground - source: Ich werde Ihnen etwas gestehen - expected: And I'm going to admit something to you - got: I'm going to give you a little bit - source: Ich sollte das vermutlich nicht tun - expected: I'm going to tell you something I probably shouldn't - got: I would not be probably doing that - source: Das hier wird vielleicht öffentlich übertragen - expected: I know this might be broadcast broadly - got: This is maybe making public - source: Mein Großvater war während der Prohibition im Gefängnis - expected: My grandfather was in prison during prohibition - got: My grandfather was in the <UNK> of prison - source: Meine Onkel starben an alkoholinduzierten Krankheiten - expected: My male uncles died of alcoholrelated diseases - got: My sea died of <UNK> - source: waren  Menschen in Haftanstalten und im Gefängnis - expected: In  there were  people in jails and prisons - got: People were <UNK> in prison and <UNK> - source: Heute sind es  Millionen - expected: Today there are  million - got: Today it's million - source: Vermögen nicht Verschulden beeinflusst das Ergebnis - expected: Wealth not culpability shapes outcomes - got: <UNK> do not influenced the result - source: Trotzdem scheinen wir damit ganz zufrieden zu sein - expected: And yet we seem to be very comfortable - got: But we seem to be quite content - source: Wir haben den Kontakt verloren - expected: We've been disconnected - got: We have lost to of the actual touch - source: Ich finde das interessant - expected: It's interesting to me - got: I think that's interesting - source: Das Schweigen ist ohrenbetäubend - expected: And there is this stunning silence - got: The silence is <UNK> - source: Ich vertrete Kinder - expected: I represent children - got: I called in children - source: Viele meiner Mandanten sind sehr jung - expected: A lot of my clients are very young - got: Many of my <UNK> are young left - source: Wir haben schon eine Menge Verfahren laufen - expected: And we're actually doing some litigation - got: We've got a lot of <UNK> <UNK> - source: Das einzige Land der Welt - expected: The only country in the world - got: The only country the world - source: Ich vertrete Menschen in Todeszellen - expected: I represent people on death row - got: I teach people in <UNK> - source: Die Frage der Todesstrafe ist eine interessante Frage - expected: It's interesting this question of the death penalty - got: The question of an death is an interesting question - source: Das ist eine sehr sensible Frage - expected: And that's a very sensible question - got: This is a very very challenging issue - source: Ich finde das faszinierend - expected: I mean it's fascinating - got: I think that is fascinating - source: Die Todesstrafe in Amerika definiert sich durch Irrtum - expected: Death penalty in America is defined by error - got: The <UNK> is defined in America by error - source: Ich finde das faszinierend - expected: I mean it's fascinating - got: I think that is fascinating - source: Es ist nicht unser Problem - expected: It's not our problem - got: This is not our problem - source: Es ist nicht unsere Bürde - expected: It's not our burden - got: It's not our <UNK> - source: Es ist nicht unser Kampf - expected: It's not our struggle - got: It's not our battle - source: Ich rede viel über diese Fragen - expected: I talk a lot about these issues - got: I'm talking about those questions - source: Wir wissen nicht wirklich sehr viel darüber - expected: We don't really know very much about it - got: We don't really know very much about it - source: oder vor Bomben - expected: They had to worry about being bombed - got: or bombs - source: Wir sprechen nicht gerne über unsere Geschichte - expected: We don't like to talk about our history - got: We don't like to talk about our story - source: Wir stoßen ständig aufeinander - expected: We're constantly running into each other - got: We constantly have the time - source: Wir schaffen immer neue Spannungen und Konflikte - expected: We're constantly creating tensions and conflicts - got: We always create new and more an my more - source: Ich dachte darüber nach - expected: And I thought about that - got: I thought about it - source: Es wäre unerträglich - expected: I couldn't bear it - got: It would be <UNK> - source: Es wäre gewissenlos - expected: It would be unconscionable - got: It would be <UNK> - source: Und dennoch gibt es da diese mentale Abkopplung - expected: And yet there is this disconnect - got: And yet there's this mental mental mental illness - source: Ich glaube unsere Identität ist bedroht - expected: Well I believe that our identity is at risk - got: I think our identity is even more <UNK> - source: Wir lieben Innovation - expected: We love innovation - got: We love innovation - source: Wir lieben Technologie und Kreativität - expected: We love technology We love creativity - got: We love technology and creativity - source: Wir lieben Unterhaltung - expected: We love entertainment - got: We love conversation - source: Vaclav Havel der große tschechische Politiker hat einmal gesagt - expected: Vaclav Havel the great Czech leader talked about this - got: <UNK> <UNK> the great <UNK> said We used politicians - source: Sie wird Sie zutiefst berühren - expected: It will get to you - got: It will touch on to touch - source: Diese Frauen trafen sich also und unterhielten sich einfach - expected: And these women would get together and just talk - got: So those women did meet and <UNK> - source: Wollen Sie dazukommen und zuhören - expected: Do you want to come over and listen - got: Do you want to listen and listen - source: Und ich sagte Ja sehr gerne - expected: And I'd say Yes Ma'am I do - got: And I said Yes like to be so - source: Ich sagte Ich werde zuhören - expected: I said I'm going to listen - got: I said I'm going to listen - source: Es war immer so inspirierend so beflügelnd - expected: It would be so energizing and so empowering - got: It was always so inspiring to <UNK> - source: Was versuchen Sie zu erreichen - expected: Tell me what you're trying to do - got: What's the kind of thing you're going to do - source: Ich begann mit meinem üblichen Vortrag - expected: And I began giving her my rap - got: So I started to become with my talk - source: Ich sagte Wir versuchen gegen Ungerechtigkeit vorzugehen - expected: I said Well we're trying to challenge injustice - got: I said We're trying to try called at point - source: Wir wollen etwas gegen die Todesstrafe unternehmen - expected: We're trying to do something about the death penalty - got: We want to make a <UNK> death against learning - source: Wir wollen die Anzahl der Häftlinge senken - expected: We're trying to reduce the prison population - got: We want to death of the number of death - source: Wir wollen Masseninhaftierungen abschaffen - expected: We're trying to end mass incarceration - got: We want space efficiency - source: Ich habe ein paar ganz einfache Dinge gelernt - expected: It's just taught me very simple things - got: I learned a few very simple things - source: Ich glaube das nicht - expected: I don't believe that - got: Well I don't think so - source: Manchmal dränge ich zu sehr - expected: I sometimes push too hard - got: Sometimes I get too very <UNK> - source: Ich werde müde wie wir alle - expected: I do get tired as we all do - got: I'm going to be run like we all - source: Dann frage ich mich Wie konnte das passieren - expected: I start thinking well how did that happen - got: Then I wonder How could I happen - source: Genau Bryan der Richter hat Zauberkräfte - expected: Yeah Bryan the judge has some magic power - got: <UNK> the <UNK> of the judge has <UNK> - source: Du solltest dir auch welche wünschen - expected: You should ask for some of that - got: You should also need your numbers - source: Dann flüsterte er mir ins Ohr - expected: And he whispered in my ear - got: He goes to me in my room - source: Er sagte Ich bin so stolz auf Sie - expected: He said I'm so proud of you - got: He said I'm so proud of you - source: Und ich muss sagen es gab mir Kraft - expected: And I have to tell you it was energizing - got: And I have to say it was force - source: Nun ich betrat den Gerichtssaal - expected: Well I went into the courtroom - got: Now I get on the <UNK> - source: dass ich diese verrückten Sachen geschrieben hatte - expected: I had written these crazy things - got: I wrote that there's an amazing thing in these - source: Er ging auf und ab - expected: He kept pacing back and forth - got: He went up and went - source: Was können wir noch tun - expected: Other than writing a check what could we do - got: What can we do here - source: Bryan Stevenson Nun es gibt überall Möglichkeiten - expected: Well there are opportunities all around us - got: <UNK> <UNK> Well there's everywhere - source: aller Vergewaltigungsfälle kommen nicht vor Gericht - expected: percent of all rape cases don't result - got: There is no trial of trial then - source: Hier gibt es die Chance etwas zu tun - expected: So there's an opportunity to change that - got: There is a chance to do something - source: Ich glaube überall gibt es Möglichkeiten - expected: And I think that opportunity exists all around us - got: I think there are everywhere - source: Was würden Sie jemandem sagen der das glaubt - expected: What would you say to someone who believed that - got: What would you say to any of that - source: Es war der fehlgeleitete Kreuzzug gegen Drogen - expected: It was this misguided war on drugs - got: It's the <UNK> <UNK> <UNK> on drugs - source: Sie sind eine inspirierende Persönlichkeit - expected: You're an inspiring person - got: They're a very character of character - source: Sprecher  Hungersnot in Somalia Sprecher  Pfefferspray der Polizei - expected: Famine in Somalia Police pepper spray - got: Narrator <UNK> in Good police off the police police - source: Sprecher  Bösartige Kartelle Sprecher  Gefährliche Kreuzfahrtschiffe - expected: Vicious cartels Announcer Five Caustic cruise lines - got: Narrator <UNK> <UNK> Narrator <UNK> actually took <UNK> - source: Sprecher  Gesellschaftlicher Verfall Sprecher   Tote - expected: Societal decay  dead - got: Narrator <UNK> <UNK> Narrator <UNK> and Narrator - source: Sprecher  Tsunamiwarnung Sprecher  CyberAttacken - expected: Tsunami warning Cyberattacks - got: Narrator <UNK> Narrator <UNK> Narrator <UNK> - source: Verschiedene Sprecher Drogenkrieg Massenvernichtungswaffen Tornado - expected: Drug war Mass destruction Tornado - got: <UNK> Narrator <UNK> <UNK> <UNK> <UNK> - source: Rezession Stillstand Doomsday Ägypten Syrien - expected: Recession Default Doomsday Egypt Syria - got: He said <UNK> <UNK> there is Egypt - source: Krise Tod Katastrophe - expected: Crisis Death Disaster - got: <UNK> death - source: Oh mein Gott - expected: Oh my God - got: Oh my God - source: Und es gibt auch einen sehr guten Grund dafür - expected: And there's a very good reason for that - got: And there's a very good reason for that - source: Aber möglicherweise ist dies nicht der Fall - expected: But perhaps that's not the case - got: But maybe that's not the case - source: Möglicherweise ist das der Wirklichkeit - expected: Perhaps instead of what's really going on - got: This is the reality of that - source: Kindersterblichkeit hat sich um ein Zehntel verringert - expected: Childhood mortality has come down a factor of - got: their children had a <UNK> - source: Wir leben in einer wirklich außergewöhnlichen Zeit - expected: We truly are living in an extraordinary time - got: We live in a really remarkable time - source: Und viele Menschen vergessen dies - expected: And many people forget this - got: And many people forget this - source: Und wir erhöhen unsere Erwartungen ständig weiter - expected: And we keep setting our expectations higher and higher - got: And we are increase our expectations to <UNK> - source: Tatsächlich haben wir Armut neu definiert - expected: In fact we redefine what poverty means - got: We actually have new poverty is defined - source: Nun schauen Sie sich diese Kurve an - expected: Now look at this curve - got: Now look at this curve - source: Das ist Moores Gesetz der letzten hundert Jahre - expected: This is Moore's Law over the last hundred years - got: This is <UNK> law of the last years - source: Sie verlangsamt sich für keines unserer großen Probleme - expected: It doesn't slow for any of our grand challenges - got: They changed neither of our problems - source: Das war doch grandios - expected: I mean that was epic - got: That was <UNK> - source: Ich liebe diese Watson bezwingt menschlichen Gegner - expected: And I love this Watson Vanquishes Human Opponents - got: I love this Watson <UNK> human <UNK> - source: Risiko ist kein einfaches Spiel - expected: Jeopardy's not an easy game - got: It's not a simple game - source: Es geht darum die Nuancen der Sprache zu verstehen - expected: It's about the nuance of human language - got: It's about making language of the language - source: Vor  Jahren hätte sich dies lächerlich angehört - expected: years ago that would have sounded ludicrous - got: years ago this was ridiculous right - source: Hier ist ein Beispiel - expected: Let me give you an example - got: Here's an example - source: Er ist der Typ links - expected: He's the dude on the left - got: He's the guy on the left - source: Er hat den König von Siam zum Abendessen eingeladen - expected: He invited over to dinner the king of Siam - got: He was king by the king <UNK> family - source: Es wird durch Sauerstoff und Silikate verbunden - expected: It's all bound by oxygen and silicates - got: It's actually being connected and <UNK> - source: Wir denken heute an Energieknappheit - expected: We think about energy scarcity - got: We think about being <UNK> - source: Terawatt Energie prasseln alle  Minuten auf die Erdoberfläche - expected: terawatts of energy hits the Earth's surface every  minutes - got: <UNK> energy all over minutes went down to them - source: Und es gibt gute Neuigkeiten - expected: And there's good news here - got: And there's good news - source: Sprechen wir über WasserKriege - expected: Now we talk about water wars - got: Let's talk about <UNK> - source: Er nahm ein berühmtes Foto auf Wie hieß es - expected: He took a famous photo What was it called - got: And he took a photograph How on it was - source: A Pale Blue Dot - expected: A Pale Blue Dot - got: A <UNK> of scale - source: Weil wir auf einem Wasserplaneten leben - expected: Because we live on a water planet - got: Because we live on a <UNK> - source: Es sind neue Nanotechnologien auf dem Weg NanoMaterialien - expected: There's nanotechnology coming on nanomaterials - got: It's new <UNK> of the way - source: Und wir haben dies auch bei Mobiltelefonen gesehen - expected: And we've seen this in cellphones - got: And we've seen this with me as well - source: Ich nenne sie die kommende Milliarde - expected: I call it the rising billion - got: I call them the billion media - source: Die weißen Linien stehen für Bevölkerung - expected: So the white lines here are population - got: The white lines are true for the population - source: Wir haben gerade die MilliardenMarke überschritten - expected: We just passed the seven billion mark on Earth - got: We're just having the <UNK> - source: Was brauchen diese Menschen - expected: What will these people want - got: What do you need - source: Was werden sie konsumieren Was werden sie begehren - expected: What will they consume What will they desire - got: What are they going to consume What are <UNK> - source: Was werden diese drei Milliarden Menschen mitbringen - expected: What will these three billion people bring - got: What are these three billion people bring on our - source: Es ist ein Spiel das Foldit heißt - expected: It's a game called Foldit - got: This is a game called <UNK> - source: Und dies ist sehr wichtig in der Medizinforschung - expected: And it's very important for research in medicine - got: And this is very important in <UNK> - source: Bisher war dies ein Problem für Supercomputer - expected: And up until now it's been a supercomputer problem - got: So this was a problem for an enormous problem - source: Wir haben Zugriff auf Werkzeuge mit exponentieller Technologie - expected: We have the tools with this exponential technology - got: We have people who went into technology - source: Wir haben die Leidenschaft eines DIYInnovatoren - expected: We have the passion of the DIY innovator - got: We've got a passion for the <UNK> <UNK> - source: Wir haben das Kapital der TechnoPhilanthropen - expected: We have the capital of the technophilanthropist - got: We have the capital of the capital - source: Wir erwarten ein paar außergewöhnliche Jahrzehnte - expected: We are living into extraordinary decades ahead - got: So we expect a few extraordinary decades - source: Danke schön - expected: Thank you - got: Thank you - source: Hey warum nicht - expected: Hey why not - got: Hey don't you why - source: Wir alle lieben Baseball oder - expected: We all love baseball don't we - got: We all love baseball right - source: Baseball ist voll mit tollen Statistiken - expected: Baseball is filled with some amazing statistics - got: <UNK> is full of great statistics - source: Und es gibt hunderte von ihnen - expected: And there's hundreds of them - got: And there's hundreds of them - source: Es ist die Durchschnittsleistung des Schlägers - expected: It's called batting average - got: It's the <UNK> the <UNK> <UNK> - source: Wir sprechen von einer  wenn ein Schläger  schlägt - expected: So we talk about a  a batter who bats - got: We talk about a <UNK> every cell - source: Drei aus - expected: Three times out of - got: Three - source: Gut wirklich gut vielleicht ein AllStar - expected: Good really good maybe an allstar - got: Well well maybe I'll give you a <UNK> - source: Wissen Sie wie man einen ter nennt - expected: Do you know what they call a  baseball hitter - got: You know how you call a <UNK> - source: Irgendwie funktioniert das nicht oder - expected: Somehow this isn't working out is it - got: It doesn't work that way does it - source: Aber aber wissen Sie was - expected: But but you know what - got: But you know what - source: Und sie schlägt eine - expected: And she's hitting a - got: And they <UNK> - source: Irgendwie funktioniert das nicht - expected: Somehow this isn't working - got: And somehow it doesn't work - source: Aber ich werde Ihnen eine Frage stellen - expected: But I'm going to ask you a question - got: But I'm going to ask you a question - source: sehr gut - expected: very good - got: All right - source: Ich war ein zwanghaft obsessiver Student - expected: I was an obsessive compulsive student - got: I used to be a high <UNK> - source: Und so war es auch - expected: And so I did - got: And it did - source: Ich lernte alles auswendig - expected: And I memorized everything - got: I learned everything - source: Und Rückmeldung an meinen Oberarzt zu geben - expected: and to report back to my attending - got: And feedback from my and I'll give my <UNK> - source: Ich untersuchte Frau Drucker und sie war in Atemnot - expected: And I saw Mrs Drucker and she was breathless - got: I <UNK> The woman and she was in <UNK> - source: Und das war keine schwer zu stellenden Diagnose - expected: And that wasn't a difficult diagnosis to make - got: And this wasn't a hard to <UNK> - source: Ich fühlte mich richtig gut - expected: And I felt really good - got: I felt really good - source: Eigentlich machte ich zwei Fehler - expected: Actually I made two more mistakes - got: Actually I made two mistakes - source: Vielleicht tat ich es mit gutem Grund - expected: Maybe I did it for a good reason - got: Maybe I did it for good - source: Vielleicht wollte ich nicht der hilfsbedürftige Arzt sein - expected: Maybe I didn't want to be a highmaintenance resident - got: Maybe I didn't want to be the <UNK> doctor - source: Mein zweiter Fehler war schlimmer - expected: The second mistake that I made was worse - got: My second mistake was worse - source: Ich erinnere mich daran als sei es gestern gewesen - expected: I can remember that like it was yesterday - got: I remember that it was yesterday - source: Aber ich arbeitete weiter - expected: But I carried on with my work - got: But I went on and was going - source: Die drei Worte lauten Erinnern Sie sich - expected: The three words are Do you remember - got: The three words remember here - source: fragte die Krankenschwester sachlich - expected: the other nurse asked matteroffactly - got: In the problem of open yes - source: Sie war also zurück - expected: Well she was back all right - got: So she was back - source: Sie war zurück und im Sterben - expected: She was back and near death - got: She was back and dying - source: Sie atmete kaum und war blau angelaufen - expected: And she was barely breathing and she was blue - got: They were almost <UNK> and <UNK> was blue - source: Das Notfallpersonal zog alle Stränge - expected: And the emerg staff pulled out all the stops - got: The <UNK> moved on all <UNK> - source: Sie gaben ihr Blutdruckerhöher - expected: They gave her medications to raise her blood pressure - got: They gave her <UNK> - source: Sie schlossen sie an die Beatmungsmaschine an - expected: They put her on a ventilator - got: They on the <UNK> of the <UNK> - source: Ich war schockiert und bis ins Innere zerrüttet - expected: And I was shocked and shaken to the core - got: I was in and <UNK> to the inside - source: Sie hatte einen nicht behandelbaren Gehirnschaden erlitten - expected: She had irreversible brain damage - got: She didn't have a <UNK> <UNK> - source: Ihre Familie versammelte sich - expected: And the family gathered - got: Their family moved - source: Das ist die Art von lehrreicher Scham - expected: That's the kind of shame that is a teacher - got: This is the kind of shame of <UNK> - source: Und das war es was ich fühlte - expected: And it was what I was feeling - got: And that was what I felt - source: Aber ich stellte mir fortan diese Fragen - expected: And I kept asking myself these questions - got: But I asked myself to ask myself questions - source: Warum bin ich in die Medizin gegangen - expected: Why did I go into medicine - got: Why did I go to medicine - source: Langsam aber sicher legte es sich - expected: Slowly but surely it lifted - got: <UNK> but sure did it put in a way - source: Ich begann mich besser zu fühlen - expected: I began to feel a bit better - got: I started feeling better - source: Und sie tat es - expected: And they did - got: And so they did - source: Und ich arbeitete weiter - expected: And I went back to work - got: And I moved on - source: Und dann passierte es wieder - expected: And then it happened again - got: And then it happened again - source: Er zeigte immer hier hin - expected: He kept pointing here - got: And he always showed here - source: Und sie sagte die drei Worte Erinnerst du dich - expected: And she said the three words Do you remember - got: And she said three words you know - source: Er hatte eine potentiell lebensgefährliche Krankheit namens Epiglottitis - expected: He had a potentially lifethreatening condition called epiglottitis - got: He had <UNK> <UNK> a disease called <UNK> - source: Und glücklicherweise starb er nicht - expected: And fortunately he didn't die - got: And fortunately he died - source: Bei einem dachte Ich er hätte Nierensteine - expected: One I thought had a kidney stone - got: One day I thought he was <UNK> - source: Der andere hatte starken Durchfall - expected: The other one had a lot of diarrhea - got: The other side had a large amount of diarrhea - source: Alleine beschämt und ohne Unterstützung - expected: Alone ashamed and unsupported - got: <UNK> <UNK> and no support - source: Das ist das System in dem wir leben - expected: That's the system that we have - got: That's the system that we live in - source: Es ist eine total Verleugnung von Fehlern - expected: It's a complete denial of mistakes - got: It's a completely <UNK> of mistakes - source: Aber es gibt zwei Probleme dabei - expected: But there are two problems with that - got: But there's two problems - source: Und ist ist die Crux - expected: And here's the thing - got: And is the <UNK> - source: Schlafmangel ist allgegenwärtig - expected: Sleep deprivation is absolutely pervasive - got: <UNK> is <UNK> - source: Wir können ihn nicht loswerden - expected: We can't get rid of it - got: We cannot get rid of it - source: Ich nehme nicht den gleichen Verlauf - expected: I don't take the same history - got: I don't take the same <UNK> - source: All das zusammengefasst sind Fehler unvermeidbar - expected: Given all of that mistakes are inevitable - got: All of these are inevitable - source: Was sie brauchen ist eine neue medizinische Kultur - expected: What they need is a redefined medical culture - got: What you need is a new medical culture - source: Und es beginnt mit einem Arzt - expected: And it starts with one physician at a time - got: And it starts with a doctor - source: Sie teilt ihre Erfahrungen mit anderen - expected: She shares her experience with others - got: They talk to their experiences - source: Sie unterstützt wenn andere von ihren Fehlern reden - expected: She's supportive when other people talk about their mistakes - got: They need other ways from their mistakes - source: Mein Name ist Brian Goldman - expected: My name is Brian Goldman - got: My name is Brian <UNK> - source: Ich bin der neu definierte Arzt - expected: I am a redefined physician - got: I'm the <UNK> of a doctor - source: Ich bin ein Mensch Ich mache Fehler - expected: I'm human I make mistakes - got: I'm a person I make of making mistake - source: Ich werde über eine winzige kleine Idee sprechen - expected: I'm going to speak about a tiny little idea - got: I'm going to talk about a tiny little idea - source: Es geht um veränderbare Normwerte - expected: And this is about shifting baseline - got: It's about <UNK> <UNK> - source: Eigentlich sammelte er Fische - expected: He was actually collecting fish - got: Actually he was <UNK> fish - source: Er beschrieb einen davon als sehr gewöhnlich - expected: And he described one of them as very common - got: He <UNK> a lot of them as very common - source: Es war ein Zackenbarsch - expected: This was the sailfin grouper - got: It was a big <UNK> - source: Jetzt steht er auf der Roten Liste gefährdeter Arten - expected: Now the fish is on the IUCN Red List - got: Now it's on the <UNK> of <UNK> list - source: Dennoch kommen wir immer noch auf die GalápagosInseln - expected: But the point is we still come to Galapagos - got: But still we come to <UNK> - source: Wir denken immer noch sie seien ursprünglich - expected: We still think it is pristine - got: We still think it's different money - source: Die Broschüren beschreiben sie immer noch als unberührt - expected: The brochures still say it is untouched - got: They are still going to <UNK> as a <UNK> - source: Was ist hier passiert - expected: So what happens here - got: What's the story - source: Ich dachte ich könne mich integrieren - expected: And I thought I could blend in - got: I thought I could go by I - source: Es war mein erster Sonnenbrand - expected: This was my first sunburn - got: It was my first job - source: Ausgewachsen maßen sie fünf Zentimeter - expected: They were maturing at five centimeters - got: <UNK> they <UNK> five at the five - source: Sie waren genetisch erdrückt worden - expected: They had been pushed genetically - got: They were happen to <UNK> - source: Es waren immer noch Fische - expected: There were still fishes - got: There were still fish - source: Die Leute waren immer noch glücklich - expected: They were still kind of happy - got: People were still happy - source: Das ist eine tote Schildkröte - expected: This is a dead turtle - got: This is a dead a dead <UNK> - source: Einmal fingen wir eine lebend - expected: And one time we caught a live one - got: Let's go back to a <UNK> - source: Sie war noch nicht ertrunken - expected: It was not drowned yet - got: She wasn't yet been then - source: Es wird aber nicht dokumentiert - expected: But it's not documented - got: It's not going to be truly growing - source: Wenn man es verallgemeinert passiert Folgendes - expected: If you generalize this something like this happens - got: If you put this things off - source: Der Unterschied wird dann als Verlust wahrgenommen - expected: And the difference then they perceive as a loss - got: And the difference is then when an percent - source: Es kann ein Reihenfolge von Veränderungen geben - expected: You can have a succession of changes - got: There can be a order of changes - source: Man verliert also keine häufig vorkommenden Tiere - expected: So you don't lose abundant animals - got: So you're not an <UNK> animals - source: Man verliert immer seltene Tiere - expected: You always lose rare animals - got: You always have <UNK> animals - source: Und deshalb wird es nicht als großer Verlust wahrgenommen - expected: And therefore they're not perceived as a big loss - got: And that's not going to have a big pleasure - source: Sie werden seltener weil wir sie fangen - expected: They become rarer because we fish them - got: They're getting more <UNK> because we're catch - source: Die Frage ist warum die Menschen das akzeptieren - expected: And the question is why do people accept this - got: The question is why people accept this - source: Dies ist die Simulation der Chesapeake Bay - expected: This is a simulation of Chesapeake Bay - got: This is the simulation of <UNK> Good and <UNK> - source: Vielen Dank - expected: Thank you very much - got: Thank you - source: Das passiert uns heute - expected: This is happening to us today - got: This is what we talk today - source: Wir haben drei Hauptgruppen - expected: We have three main groups - got: We have three <UNK> - source: Es gibt OnlineKriminelle - expected: We have online criminals - got: There is a <UNK> lot - source: Diese Leute verdienen Geld - expected: These guys make money - got: These people make money - source: Das hier ist Wladimir Tsastsin aus Tartu in Estland - expected: Here's Vladimir Tsastsin form Tartu in Estonia - got: This is <UNK> <UNK> from <UNK> <UNK> in <UNK> - source: Das ist Alfred Gonzalez - expected: This is Alfred Gonzalez - got: This is <UNK> <UNK> - source: Stephen Watt - expected: This is Stephen Watt - got: Sure - source: Björn Sundin - expected: This is Bjorn Sundin - got: <UNK> <UNK> - source: Jemand war eingebrochen und hatte das System gründlich gehackt - expected: Somebody broke in and they hacked it thoroughly - got: Somebody was <UNK> and it had created the system Bleu Score = 19.803625085866578




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