How do you best analyze and display real-time PCR data with only dCt values?

Hi, I recently inherited a set of real-time PCR data for which there are two groups (vaccinated vs unvaccinated). We are interested in characterizing relative gene expression between the groups. However, the data set is more of a cross-sectional glance at the level of various immune gene transcripts at a given time-point (post-vaccination in one group), and we don't have a baseline for the subjects, making it impossible to calculate a ddCt and fold-change. My question then is whether I can show just the normalized Ct values (dCt) to demonstrate the relative expression between the groups. I have also read that 2^-dCt is acceptable, but I am having a hard time finding examples of that in the literature. I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions for articles that employ or explain this method in a little more detail. Thanks.

How do I publish qPCR data in a bar graph?


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