On this week episode is science and star wars, artificial intelligence. Hey, and welcome to science and star wars where we explore how close real world scientists come to our favorite star wars technology, I’m Anthony Carboni. And join me once again! Hello. My name is Watson. And this week, we're looking at AI, work artificial intelligence like Watson and how it's no longer science fiction space fantasy but something that is real and helping us everyday. Troy’s that run of fictional version of AI are some of the most memorable characters in star wars from k2so to my spirit animal AP5.

本周的内容是科学与星球大战,人工智能。大家好,欢迎收看科学与星球大战节目,我们可以探索在真实世界里的科学家如何接近我们最喜欢的星球大战技术,我是安东尼·卡斯蒂(Anthony Carboni)。再次告诉各位你的名字!大家好,我叫Watson。本周,我们关注的是AI,像Watson这样的人工智能机器人,不再是科幻世界的幻想,而是真实存在的,而且每天都在帮助我们。从k2so到我的精神动物AP5,特洛伊的这个虚构的AI版本是星球大战中最令人难忘的角色。

In real life, AI platforms are doing more than asking our phones to order a Pizza or skip to the next song. In Pittsburgh IBM researchers is working on a planning AI to help the visually impaired. We developed a navigation up called NavCog with visual impaired. Of up find you a position using BLE in that environment which assets you to move arround location in the real world such as elevator on your right, over the cross is in your left and so on.


That is amazing, I wanna know more about how this staff works, and I know just a person can tell us.


So excited to be here in New York with IBM fellows greeting Buch and John Smith. Watson is here, of course. And we are joined by Anthony Daniel, C-3PO. Hi, guys! Hello! This is a very impressive screen. It actually looks like one of the film says, but it goes as just like fantasy. This is real world. It’s standing next to C-3POs and from Watson is real world for you like I guess it is for me today and yes, Greedy, what did this do? Here we did fundamental research that advances Watson and the number of divisions and tries to make a socially intelligence like artificial intelligence. One cannot leave reason and learn. But they can also understand and act on emotional contect. What’s Watson show us.

很高兴能在纽约与IBM的同事会面,你好Buch和John Smith。Watson当然也在这里。Anthony Daniel, C-3PO也加入了我们。大家好!这是一个非常棒的屏幕。它看起来像电影中所描述的那样,但它就像虚构出来的。这是现实世界。它在C-3PO的旁边,从Watson来看,对于你来说是真实的世界,我想今天这对我来说也是,Greedy,这是做什么的?在这里,我们进行了基础研究,推进Watson 和一些分裂数量,并试图使社会智能与人工智能相同。我们没有理由不去学习。不过他们也可以理解并且采取情感的态度。就像Watson向我们展示的。

Here is my analysis to describe all of the Star Wars movies as well as information from starwars.com. So what we see what Watson is done is taken the dialogue, it's discern the C-3PO is relatively friendly fellow very tentative language but is overall like agreeable. Yeah, that sounds exactly like me I mean, sorry, that sounds like C-3PO. You could understand after so many years together I still get the turbo this make to them. Watson is able to read and understand millions of documents, papers, articles, tweets and uses it to help one make a better or poorer decisions. This is really big deal to anyone who is involved in an individual human life or perhaps making decisions about millions of billions of dollars.


So would they have ability to understand Frandson said the binary language of moisture evaporates? Would that ever be a part of real world? Sort of, but it’s about more than just language, and the important part of communication is our body movement, our language but also our voice inflection. We call these modalities, we’ve been teaching computers understand these portable modalities, so we can better interact with them. Let me give an example.


The computer recognize these from C-3PO’s body movement from his language and from these voice reflection that he is in quite emotional state. Agitation. This chart parts the data now that’s what we said the same.


That’s fascinating, but listen seriously is it possible to create an intelligent droid like, see, C-3PO today? Honestly, we are generations away is doing that. And what we doing today is taking artificial intelligence and helping it collaborate with humans, and more importantly, augment human intelligence.


That is amazing, thank you so much, Greedy and John for giving us a gleeks of future. Thank you Anthony Daniel come along for the ride with me.

真是太神奇了,非常感谢,Greedy和John给了我们描绘了未来世界的乐趣。谢谢Anthony Daniel的参与。

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