8 Ways Icing Affects Aircraft


As ice accumulates on your aircraft, weight increase. With an increase in weight, your performance starts to dramatically decrease. Ice accumulation could even put you outside of weight and balance limitations.


ice accumulates 积冰

Performance 性能

Dramatically 戏剧性的

Weight and balance limitation 配平

Induction icing

For piston aircraft, induction icing over a long period of time can lead to a decrease in horsepower. In severe cases where airflow to the engine is dramatically restricted, a complete engine failure could happen.


Piston aircraft 使用活塞发动机的飞机

Induction icing 进气口结冰

Period 周期

Horsepower 马力


Pitot /Static Blockages

If ice forms in the pitot tube or on the static port, you can get false indications from your airspeed indicator, altimeter, and VSI.


Forms 形成

Pitot tube 皮托管

Static port 静压口

Airspeed indicator 空速表

Altimeter 高度表

VSI 升降速度表


When ice accumulates on your plane, large increases in parasite dragdramatically reduce your aircraft's performance.


Increased Stall Speed

When icing forms on the leading edge of the wing, it causes the boundary layer to separate earlier. The separation in airflow reduces lift, and increases your stall speed.


Leading edge 前缘

Boundary layer 边界层/附面层(流体力学)

Lift 升力

Stall speed 失速速度

Reduced Visibility

A glazed over windscreen can prevent you from seeing even the most obvious features on an approach, like terrain and approach lighting.


Windscreen 风挡

Prevent 阻止


Approach lighting 进近灯光

Compressor Stalls

Ice on an engine inlet can cause the laminar airflow to separate, forcing the engine to ingest turbulent airflow. This puts jet engines at risk for a compressor stall.


Engine inlet 发动机进气口

Laminar airflow 层状气流

Ingest 吸入

Turbulent airflow 湍流

Compressor stall 压缩机失速

Turbine Blade Damage

If you don't turn on cowl inlet anti-icing before ice starts to accumulate, ice build-up could be drawn into the engine, putting the turbine blades at risk for damage.


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