2017年年末的时候,Uber才爆出来一年前黑客就曾盗取过Uber云端存储的大量用户个人信息。这样的危机,Uber处理起来也是朴素又无奈...结合Uber之前出现过的各种危机,不妨试想一下网约车产业会普遍存在什么潜在问题。一起来听听这篇CNN Money的新闻片段吧:

Uber’s Massive Hack: What We Know

Uber's disclosure that hackers accessed the personal information of 57 million riders and drivers last year, a breach it didn't disclose publicly until Tuesday, adds new potential legal woes for the already troubled company.

At the time of the breach, Uber paid hackers $100,000 to destroy the data and did not tell regulators or users that their information was stolen.

Uber is trying to salvage its reputation following a number of high-profile controversies,including using software called Greyball to evade regulators, a court battle over allegedly stolen secrets from Google's self-driving car division, and a slew of complaints regarding sexual harassment and toxic company culture.


hacker n. 黑客

breach n. 泄密

disclose v.泄露

woes n. 悲哀,痛苦

woes (复数时):things that cause sorrow or distress; troubles 麻烦

regulator n. 监管者

salvage v.抢救

high-profile adj. 高调的

controversy n. 争议,争论

self-driving car 无人汽车

a slew of 大量的


sexual harassment 性骚扰

sexual assault 性侵犯

这两个都是最近的热词,来源于美国近几月发起的反性侵运动The #MeToo movement.这个运动已扩散至全球范围,其影响还在发酵。


Uber广告 (ad)

负面新闻报导 (media coverage)

抵制Uber (Say no to Uber protests, lawsuits)

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