silverlight 《Hands-On-Labs》教程系列

Silverlight Fundamentals: Basic concepts of Silverlight 2 development [开发的基础] This lab explores the fundamental tools and features that underpin any Silverlight application. [在控件的使用和特点上做了介绍] Requirements: This tutorial requires the above installs along with Expression Design and Expression Blend 2.5 March 2008 Preview to be installed. [必备工具:Expression Design,Expression Blend 2.5 March 2008 Preview] Silverlight Networking and Data: Concepts in building Connected Applications in Silverlight 2 [网络访问及数据绑定] In this hands-on lab, you will look at using a variety of remote data sources and communication techniques to retrieve data for a Silverlight application. You will consume WCF web services and use the WebClient, Downloader, and WebRequest classes to fetch data, as well as use the data binding and LINQ to XML features in Silverlight 2. Finally, you will also have the opportunity to work with the ADO.NET Data Services and feed syndication support provided by the ASP.NET Extensions Preview. [在这个教程中你会看到如何使用多种访问远程数据的方法,你将使用除了WCF,web service的WebClient, Downloader和 WebRequest来获取数据.LINQ to XML和数据绑定都已经在silverlight中得到了支持.最后你将有在sl中使用ASP.NET Extensions Preview提供的ADO.NET Data Services和feed syndication support.] Requirements: This tutorial requires the above installs and the ASP.NET Futures to be installed. [必备工具:ASP.NET Futures] Silverlight and User Controls: Building Reusable Controls in Silverlight 2[建立自定义用户控件] The most common way to build reusable components in Silverlight 2 is through user controls. A user control is a simple derivative of the System.Windows.Controls.Control base class (just like the TextBox control is, for example), and acts as a generic container of other controls. Much like its web counterpart in ASP.NET, you can use the designer to lay out controls and then add handlers, set properties, and invoke methods to interact with those controls from a code behind class. This package of user interface and behavior can then be dropped into any other XAML file in your project as an encapsulated control. Furthermore, you can add properties, methods, and events to your user control to allow customization on a per-instance basis. [建立可重复使用的控件就是自定义用户控件.自定义用户控件是从System.Windows.Controls.Control继承下来的.举个例子 TextBox控件就像一个容器控件一样.和asp.net非常的相似.你可以使用designer工具去设计界面然后添加事件,设置属性.在后置代码中 调用方法.这个控件包可以在你开发的项目中就像内置空间的一样使用.此外你可以添加属性,方法,事件到你的控件中来制定更加适应的控件] Requirements: This tutorial requires the above installs and Expression Blend 2.5 March 2008 Preview to be installed. [必备工具:Expression Blend 2.5 March 2008 Preview] Silverlight and the Web Browser: Exploring the Integration between Silverlight and its browser host [同浏览器交互] In this hands-on lab, you will look at the places where DHTML and Silverlight meet. You will look at how CSS layout interacts with the Silverlight plug-in, how to build Silverlight content that can adapt its layout as the browser is resized, how to mix HTML and Silverlight content, and how to get JavaScript in the browser and C# code in the Silverlight plug-in talking to one another. [在设个教程中你将会看到如何使用css来Silverlight plug-in进行交互.如何建立适应浏览器大小变化的Silverlight,如何融合HTML和Silverlight,如何在浏览器和c#中访问JavaScript.] Requirements: This tutorial requires the above installs only. Silverlight and Dynamic Animations: Dynamic animations using the managed Animation API in Silverlight 2 [建立动画] This is a simple lawn mowing simulation that exposes different techniques of leveraging the managed Animation API in Silverlight 2. Topics covered include using Storyboards defined in XAML, creating dynamic animations and applying them during runtime and using the DispatcherTimer as a way to monitor variables during the life of the application. The goal is to show that Storyboards can be a useful asset when performing dynamic animations as well as those scripted during design time. [如何在XAML中建立Storyboards制作动画.] Requirements: This tutorial requires the above installs only.

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故只有设置StartPosition 属性放在窗体构造函数中;而不能放在Load事件中。


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c语言-error C2440: “static_cast”: 无法从“UINT (__thiscall CHyperLink::* )(CPoint)”转换为“LRESULT (__thiscall





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